1967 Chevelle Convertible
A Restoration in Progress



This photo shows the front left fender and inner fender panel
before it is installed on the car.



The inner fender panel was powder coated black.
The fender is ready to be installed on the car.



       The blue tape is used to prevent scratches from occurring when the fender
is installed.  Parts are covered to keep clean.  We try to protect the car!



The fender is on the car. The car is coming together!
It takes some adjustments to get the right fit.

We ran into a problem when we tried to put the front end on the car. 

We found out the frame was bent.  The body work should have been done

on the frame and fitted before it was painted but it was not.  We got the car

when the paint was already done and the car was on the frame and our job was

to complete the car. So, we had to take the body off the frame and the frame is on

its way to the frame shop.  We will keep you updated.

Remember, the appearance of your restoration is only as good
as the body work under the paint.

This is one area you don't want to skimp on! 




This Chevelle is coming along!


The progress continues...

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