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    This picture is worth a thousand words.  I am the owner of this 1966 El Camino.  I personally restored 95% of it.  I have always enjoyed restoring vehicles.  My workmanship gives you a feel for the kind of product, work, and service I engage in.  When a person gets physically involved in the products they are selling, they personalize your needs with the experience they have in working with the products.

    When you have a question about a part you want or think you need, I can assist you and help you save money by purchasing the best item choice to fulfill your vehicle's needs.  I take your needs to heart.  I am known to locate hard-to-find items which makes the outcome of your vehicle appear more "authentic".

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    I am very knowledgeable about Chevelle and El Camino parts.   I have dealt with Chevrolet products for nearly 40 years.  I have over 40 years experience in the automotive mechanical business.  I can, therefore, advise you about interchangeable parts for your motor needs.  This advice can save you dollars in the long run which means you will have more money for other gadgets.

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    When you start doing business with me, you will see the quality of your workmanship improve 100%.  Quality is of the utmost!   My customers are very satisfied with the products they have acquired from me.   As my business continues to grow, more hard-to-find parts will be available from my warehouse.

    Give me a call.  Remember-- "I have the part you need!"

    James Sloan, Owner

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Sloan's El Camino/Chevelle

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